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Game of War WikiHow to Earn a Million Gold in Game of War with Troop Training Events

When the Event rewards exceed the costs, it's profitable. The work shows how much fun it is, and I am proud to be part of it. Depending on your goals, you could choose to destroy your troops after each event.

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You also won't have a prison, altar, or embassy, and that means no taking prisoners, no executing prisoners, and you can't be reinforced by other players if you are attacked or rallied. Utilizing this system requires you to have the patience to set goals and keep working until you achieve them. Those will help immensely, so keep your eye open for them.

For the vast majority of players who don't spend, that's an undreamed-of fortune of in-game Gold. In addition, events are different according to the age of your Kingdom. Though I suppose what was almost certainly a multimillion dollar paycheck for no more than a few day's work will draw all the kind words the game requires. You can see your total boosts by looking in your Profile and tapping Boosts, as shown in the screenshots below.

Congratulations, you just made a profit of Hours of Speedups. This method will earn several thousand Gold per day in profit, meaning it will take weeks to accumulate the Gold you need. This will require you to level your hero high enough to get deep into the Hero Skills Tree. She's such a badass character, commanding armies, slaying hydra, charging into battle. Note that new Kingdoms might not yet have Kingdom Events.

But even if you already completed the Kingdom Event, the Solo and Inferno Events are still profitable when done in tandem. We speak from experience after making many costly mistakes.

Follow the same formula you did for troops and only do the event if the rewards are greater than the investment. That's why you see so many points in this Kingdom Event. You will make mistakes, too, so be prepared and understand it's part of the learning process. When you review the events, note the thresholds for rewards for the Kingdom Event, Solo Event, and Inferno Event, including the points needed to hit them.

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We can not stress enough the importance of knowing what you will research and the costs involved before starting a single research. In that one cycle, we were able to the Solo and Inferno events three times, which was enough points to push us on the Leaderboards for even more profit.

This can be seen in Game of War's new high budget trailer which could easily be an ad for a Clash of the Titans movie sequel. The goal was to use that tunnel vision to profit from events and earn in-game rewards. Though Game of War isn't quite so reliant on busty women as say, Evony, it certainly uses them when it can, and now especially given they've landed Upton as a spokesmodel. That's easier said than done, however, because those gear items are made from mats that are the hardest items to get in the game, dinero gratis casino sin deposito namely Fire Age Materials.

Here's an example from an actual event. Supposedly, it's one of the top grossing games on the mobile market right now, so its tactics are working.

How to Earn a Million Gold in Game of War with Troop Training Events

If you want to spend real world dollars, Gold Packages remain the fastest way to level in this game. They will both help you minimize your mistakes. But, this isn't magic, and it's not fast.

Just as is the case with playing and winning casino events in Game of War, you must only attempt an event or combination of events that offer rewards exceeding your investment. Paul Tassi Senior Contributor. Plan your farm accounts accordingly.

Game of War - Fire Age Cheats

Game of War - Fire Age Cheats

Study your events carefully and make sure the math works for you. Your remaining skill points can be invested in any way that suits you. If you look at just the Speedups, we have a net loss of hours. Different researches have different power rewards for the same time invested.

Once you have this down you have created a cycle that allows you to keep on training and winning. That breaks down into hours of Speedups. The good news is that it works. The sacrifice was that every building that did not help train troops or research had to go, and that means postponing many other aspects of the game. For extra credit, make gear that gives you Troop Training speed boosts.

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Note that this number will be different from the Hero Boosts screen you can pull up in your Hero menu. If you intend to do these events for weeks or months, you could just keep the last X amount of troops, be it a few hundred thousand or several million for an end-game rally meat shield. Resource costs will be heavy if you want to win multiple events per day.