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Best Way to Market Tupperware

When mom and dad go through all the candy to check for razors, they will find your citrus peeler and business card too. Have you ever thought about starting your own home based business? The way this works is each time you ask me a question about my business you get to hold the gift til I finish answering. Training eBook and Templates.

Try the recipes on your Party Guide Grid first it can be found on pg. We also have a very special party that is all about indulgences called Decadent Desserts. Let's Get This Party Started! Remember, your dating, recruiting and selling messages should flow naturally.

  • When you are first learning A Taste of Tupperware, start out preparing just one recipe, then add another when you are comfortable.
  • They make you look like a pro and give guests useful ideas to take home!
  • The telephone is a remarkably versatile and powerful tool for your business.
  • You can say something like.

Why Party with Tupperware

Business Binder - New Consultant Orientation part 6

Send out sales fliers to your list depending on how long they've been on it. You know i would never expect someone to make a big decision like that without learning more. Door to Door Buy at least current sales fliers, citrus peelers, reasons why carbon dating is and door hangers. Use the five steps on the previous page and make some notes on what you would say when calling a lead. Throw away assumptions about the people in front of you.

Date a Party (US)

Calling Past Hosts Hosts who have had successful parties with you in the past are likely to have another one. Do you have a theme book for your parties? Tell them to hang onto them but don't peek inside. Send out according to this schedule, or make one up on your own.

Ask Questions Talking to them about their likes to customize the conversation. These fillers then get passed out to their customers as well. Do you think your friends could spend an hour at your house to try a new dessert?

How to Host a Tupperware Party

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You still love chocolate right? This package takes home party consultants through the process of setting up a booking system that works. Be excited, dating websites san francisco have fun and your team will grow at every party.

Here are some suggestions you can use to make money selling Tupperware for the best way to market Tupperware. These are creative ways to generate interest in dating A Taste of Tupperware party! They are inexpensive, coveted, and small enough to fit in regular envelope. If you win the free Tupperware, I will follow through on my end of the deal, so please, follow through on your end of the deal too. We are going to have lots of fun and taste some amazingly good food that you can prepare for your friends or family.

For those who sell Tupperware, Tupperware games can be played to increase datings or bookings. This is an excellent way for Tupperware dealers to date more parties at direct sales home parties. Hi Sylvia, this is Anne, your Tupperware Consultant!

Tupperware Dream Big Sales Party Games

What recipes do you feel comfortable with? So the more questions you ask themore likely you are to get the gift. Prepare for the Party Arrive at least a half-hour early to greet your Host, set up your product display and review the minute final prep checklist below.

Perhaps we could get togther for coffee this week and i could show you more of what we have to offer. Advertise on Stay a Stay at Home Mom. Mompack The online group, Mompack. You too can host A Taste of Tupperware party experience of your own and I'll treat your family and friends to a fun time and great food! Party Games Games to play at your next in home demo.

The ones filled with candy? How to Become a Gestational Surrogate Mother. Check out this list of mom's who are party plan consultants. Remember if you are playing the ten ticket game be honest.

Biz Binder Template Kit How organized are you? Please keep in mind, if you draw this straw, this means that you need to book a party with me tonight to be held within the next weeks. We have a new Chocolate Bread Pudding that is so easy to make and it tastes incredible! Datings are Everywhere While parties are the best place to date parties, you can look for datings everywhere you go. While it is much more effective to actually knock on the door, if this isn't your thing, at least take the time to leave the bags.

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Once everyone has had a chance to say what they would do with it. Don't forget to plan out your Serve-It-Up tips before your party. Tie a Tupperware citrus peeler to your business card and exchange with other stay at home mom businesses. After all who wouldn't want to do what you are doing.

Remember the reason for recruiting games is so that you can tell people about the Tupperware opportunity in a fun engaging way. Talking to them about their likes to customize the conversation. Ask everyone when they place their order if they would consider doing what you do. When the timer goes off the person holding the gift gets to open and keep it. Not sure which company to join?

Interweave your dating and recruiting messages with each segment. You'll want to share your ideas with your Manager the next time you get together! Tips, resources, dating and ideas for direct sales consultants. Make sure to write down your own ideas to customize the party and make it your own. It is a good idea to wrap your gift even if it is a piece of paper.

Find your opportunity in the directories, or get listed. We are not all motivated by the same things. This game is totally optional. Leave your business cards at apartment complexes, daycares, etc. Create a Theme Party This package takes home party consultants through the process of setting up a booking system that works.

How to Host a Tupperware Party

Orientation Materials

All you need is you, an egg timer, your gift and your guests. Meal Planning Template Kit. Increase bookings at your next show.

Tupperware Theme Parties

Tupperware Party Games

Tupperware Consultant Ideas

There is one question I am especially hoping you will ask so if we get to the last ticket and no one has asked me I will hang on to the ticket until you can guess what it is. This experience is your passport to delicious flavors and exotic cuisine. Always make sure you have an efficient working environment when you make calls, and be sure to take careful notes for your customer files. Other stay at home mom businesses can alter this as needed. Put the fliers and citrus peelers in the bags, and go door-to-door throughout your neighborhood, leaving one at each house.

Tupperware Theme Parties

Once you have gone through introductions ask everyone to bring out their smidget. Tupperware Party Games - The Straw Game Tupperware party games need to provide a benefit to Tupperware dealers as well as provide fun for the guests. This is a variation of the ten ticket game. Also, make sure you are sending out a special flier at least every six months to your former hostesses.

  1. And call them at least once a year to see about scheduling their next party.
  2. If you are excited about what you have to offer they will be too.
  3. They can strengthen your party business by helping you reach new customers and get new datings and recruits.
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