Resurrecting Jesus


Jesus cannot be domesticated! In Resurrecting Jesus Kim asks the fundamental two-prong question, ""What, then, can we learn from Jesus, and how can we build on the significance of his life and work as we do theology for our day in the here and now?"" Kim abandons the traditional divide between criticism and theology and argues that a solid New Testament theology can be reconstructed from a critical study of the historical Jesus. Jesus is put back into the context of first-century Judaism in Palestine. Resurrecting Jesus reexamines Jesus' life, work, death, and resurrection, giving readers - a better, clearer understanding about the historical Jesus and the New Testament writings that refer to him; - an exploration into the significance of Jesus' life, teaching, and death, based not on doctrine but on his work of God in first-century Judaism and Palestine; and - a redefinition of New Testament theology that is a process of discerning and engaging the historical Jesus and the New Testament writings. ""Farewell to New Testament theology as usual. Kim has struck the heart of the matter. This is a bold and fresh reading that seeks to resurrect a Jesus who points his finger to God and squarely situate him in his first-century Palestinian context. Reading Jesus against the grain, Kim provides a provocative textbook that is sure to stimulate interest and discussion. For those who had abandoned, domesticated, or otherwise misappropriated Jesus, this is a must-read."" --Robert Wafawanaka, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Virginia Union University, author of Am I Still My Brother's Keeper? ""This is a book that both theologians and biblical scholars--who have been concerned about an unnecessary dichotomy between the two disciplines--have long awaited. Readers will deeply appreciate Kim's clear and fresh approach to New Testament theology as a process of discerning and engaging historical Jesus and New Testament texts. I highly recommend this book not only for research but also as a textbook for various courses in theological education."" --Seung Ai Yang, Associate Professor of New Testament at Chicago Theological Seminary ""Yung Suk Kim's Resurrecting Jesus is a rare synthesis of historical criticism and spiritual passion. Kim boldly challenges the conventional divide between theology and history. Making the words and deeds of the historical Jesus the foundation for theology, Kim redefines central concepts of the New Testament in ways that are relevant to seekers for ethical consistency in a harsh world."" --L. L. Welborn, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Fordham University Yung Suk Kim is associate professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology of Virginia Union University, in Richmond, Virginia. He is founding editor of the Journal of Bible and Human Transformation and the editor of the Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Religion. He is the author of several books, including Christ's Body in Corinth (2008) and Truth, Testimony, and Transformation (Cascade, 2014).


Yung Suk Kim
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04 Aug 2015
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