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Unfortunately, a food fight breaks out in the prison cafeteria and Nick is killed, leaving Rudy with a dilemma. It may hold some more value. What he can fire a gun under water? Ah, but the best-laid plans and all that go horribly awry when Nick is slain a few days before they're both due to be sprung.

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But when he agrees to help Gabriel and his band of goons, what does he request? No pop culture references, not too many exploding fireballs, and Frankenheimer keeps the edit count down.

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Ehren Kruger wrote the script, and he puts in a lot of dark humor. But if there's anything that has changed about me in recent years, I'm beginning to love a silly, completely ridiculous thriller or action film. He begins an affair with the girl, which seems to disturb him slightly. Since his recently dead best friend was working as a security guard.

When Rudy Is released the next day from prison he recognizes Ashley waiting outside the prison for Nick and Rudy takes his place and pretends to be Nick. When they cut back and forth, Rudy's arm jumps from extended to bent and back. Of course not everything goes as planned. Most appealing, though, is the film's festive atmosphere.

The fact that she's a lovely woman doesn't hurt matters at all. When his best friend Nick James Frain got killed in prison was stabbed by one of the prisoners Dana Stubblefield.

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This is just too dumb for words. Not even a pretty good not great, mind you performance by Charlize Theron Cider House Rules could save this flick. Upon his release, a long-time pen pal named Ashley Charlize Theron greets him and they immediately hit the sack. Who can you trust, and for how long?

Rudy picks up the stolen cash and begins distributing it in mailboxes he comes across on the way home to his family, and he eats a Christmas dinner with them. And there's a scene where Rudy is shackled to a bed. The cast plays a major part in the film's success. For the first few days, this is Heaven for Rudy.

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Great plot twists, great acting, great actors, great story. This slick thriller is action-packed and fast moving but also tense and very violent at times.

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The casino robbery itself should've been more action-packed, like it seemed on the commercial. Charlize Theron doesn't really get a whole lot to work with. Glock pistols do not have hammers.

Enjoyable if you don't put your brain to work. Why, is never completely clear.

Shortly after, Nick appears, having staged his death at the prison. But ultimately, those are my only true gripes with the movie. It is just a good movie for the sake of a good movie.

There is carpet visible throughout the Tomahawk which would make such a glass breaking sound impossible. When Gabriel starts to grill Rudy about the inner workings of the Tomahawk Casino, Rudy's web of lies gets deadly complicated. Having read Nick's letters and discovering he'd worked as a security guard at the Tomahawk Casino, he plans to use Rudy whom he thinks is Nick to help him rob the casino. Only, he isn't Nick, and has no idea about the casino, wizard of oz casino slot download forcing him to think on his feet and stall his way through the dangerous predicament. The casino manager dies during the shootout.

Oh sure, maybe his character is nothing more than a cardboard Bad Guy role, but hey, that's more the fault of the screenwriting than it is of the actor, so I won't blame him. It's fun just to watch this tale unfold. Which is a turnaround for me, because when I first saw it years ago I wasn't too impressed. Sinise is a guy I'm usually indifferent too, or bores me, but here he's a wide eyed, brutish lunatic and really has fun with the role.

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Rudy is violently coerced to cooperate with a Christmas Eve casino robbery scheme that Gabriel and his gang have been planning with Nick's casino knowledge as the key. Reindeer Games Theatrical release poster. From the opening scene featuring five dead Santas in the snow, Reindeer Games had me riveted. Reindeer Games is pure entertainment, briskly-paced, constantly moving, and very active in the suspense department.

Another dumb surprise twist. Gabriel knows from reading Nick's correspondence, that he used to work at a casino and now wants to make use of his knowledge of the business to enable him and his gang to rob the place.

Reindeer Games

The plot is actually pretty cool, but it's hard to believe that this bunch of idiot-thieves would really believe that this was the real Nick, even after he told them time after time that he wasn't. Now Rudy has an tough time to tell them that he is not Nick and now he is forced to make plans to rob the casino! Nick has a girlfriend named Ashley who he has never actually met. The group robs the casino, each dressed as Santa Claus. The movie works well on so many levels, it's frightening.

The film ends with a great sequence in which Affleck, dressed as Santa Claus, walks around town with a big bag of cash, distributing stolen loot amongst the local homes. Sinise's fellow gang members are excellent as well, their intimidation tactics and craziness well transmitted to the screen. Then Rudy says he is Nick. Nick Cassidy and Rudy Duncan are cellmates in prison two days away from release.